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05:07am 09/07/2009
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10:07am 26/05/2009
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04:07am 14/04/2009
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10:48pm 24/01/2007
  Broadjam.com and Konami are teaming up to find new music for the Dance Dance Revolution video-game series. From now through February 28, 2007, members can upload original music to Broadjam.com, where fans and others will submit reviews until March 7, 2007. Two winners will then be selected to receive cash prizes and have their music featured in an upcoming Dance Dance Revolution release.

For rules and additional info, go to http://ct.pbinews.com/rd/cts?d=244-8756-615-28947-115691-416082-0-0-0-1.

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DDR Pad Help!! 
01:32am 13/06/2006
  Hi! I'm not new to DDR.

But I am new to buying a new pad. I bought the very first US DDR when it came here on PS1. Now, the pads I had were crap. I need real pads.

I went to redoctane.com (or redoctane.org, I forget), and I saw the metal and ignition pads. Now I've heard mixed opinions on their pads. What matters to ME is DURABILITY. Will these things last? I don't mind spending the money just as long as I get it and it LASTS. I'm trying to seriously get back into DDR, as it's fun and I need to get exercising again.

This question has probably been asked a lot, but those metal pads are insanely expensive, and the ignition pads aren't cheap either.

Which is better? Any advice or contrast/comparison would help. ^_^

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ddr 4eva 
10:18pm 20/08/2005
mood: amused
I hadn't played DDR in forever, then I recently took it out again. ^_^ I was so happy!! I needed the excercise. Sometimes the data on my memory card gets corrupted, so I was worried, but it was ok. *whew* I've only beaten Paranoia Evolution once before that I can remember, and it was on Light, but I'm working on it!!

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03:54pm 31/07/2005
  lol I just found this place, n I luvz mai DDR. I only have DDRMAX, which I got 4 Christmas or sumthin. I'm so-so as a player; I can do most Light, some Standard, and a few on Heavy, but I love every minute of it!!!! And really, that's all that matters. Plus, it's excercise, which I need. ^_^  

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Hey Peoples... 
02:28pm 02/03/2005
mood: exhausted
    I'm well, new I suppose. I'm currently 13 and own Konamix, DDR Max, DDR Max 2, DDr Extreme, and Ultra Mix 2. I've beaten them all, and play Heavy on almost every song except for 10 steps... can't do those... yet anyways. Oh, and I own arcade-type mats. Ya know the metal ones with the nadels. There awesome! ^.^ I've been playing alot today out of sheer boredom although I really should be doing homework... oh well! I just got an A on Max 300 standard! I'm very proud of myself... Well later people! ^-^

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Another DDR Adict! 
09:35pm 08/02/2005
  Used to play a ton, just getting back into it and in the groove looks like it'll be awesome! can't wait to try that out  

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a poll for NNR users 
02:59am 23/11/2004

this is cross-posted to bemani.

i've developed a recent curiosity as to people's general views on NNR score reporting ethics.

if you're an NNR user and feel so inclined, please take my poll.

a bientot, mes amis.


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03:52pm 19/11/2004
i want to get a new DDR game because i'm tired of the ones i have. i have ddr max 2 and ddr konamix. what's your favorite one? pleaseeee comment and tell me because i dont want to get a bad one. tell me how long you liked it for until you got bored of it if you can! thanks so much

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03:07pm 06/11/2004
  anyone know where i can find a track listing of songs and artists for DDr Max?  

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12:07pm 27/10/2004
mood: amused
super happy fun time kids!

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Aiye, aiye, aiye 
08:08am 05/10/2004
mood: bored

I don't know if people pay attention to this community anymore. Looks kinda desserted. So, I thought I might break the sielnce and say somethin. I've been playing DDr for over a year now and am currently working my way up to heavymode. I spent alot of time on light mode-_-But, it was a good learning experience^-^;; I mostly like to do slower songs on heavy mode. Such as Let's Groove" and "Butterfly". Im gettin there ^o^



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01:26pm 18/08/2004
mood: calm
Hallo there. :D I'm new. My name is Eve but you can call me Riikou, either one works. I'm 14 and I live in Ottawa, Canada. I've been playing DDR for 4 years and my playing level is Heavy.

Er... my best accomplishment would be an AA on Tears Heavy.

Anyways, nice to meet you all. :D

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12:48am 08/07/2004
  New Hack Mix of DDR..

DDR Extreme Plus

New Feature... speed increase...

The tempo change is rather interesting. It allows you to increase the speed of all songs by either 10% or 20%. But it doesnt just increase song speed, it increases all the background music, the speed of the high score charts amongst others.
Now here is the wierd part. You can choose to either play at 'Normal' speed, '10%' faster or '20%' faster when you select either Begginner, Light, Standard, Nonstop, or Oni. You cant choose in Heavy mode.
The other messed up part is that once someone has chosen a faster speed, the machine stays set at that speed until someone changes it back.
Now the problem with these being, someone may come along, choose standard mode and play the songs at 20% faster than normal. Now once they have finished their credit the machine stays at that speed. Fine if someone choose any other mode except heavy, because they are given the option of choosing the speed. But if for some they do choose heavy, then they are stuck with the speed the machine was set at by the last player. And unfortunately the speed change cant be done mid way through a credit. It must be done when you choose your game mode. Will suck for some people who go to play heavy and get stuck with a 20% speed increase.

Although it doesnt sound like much, 20% is a decent increase and makes a lot of songs quite a lot harder. LB and I couldnt pass Waka Laka. And because you just have to move your legs that much faster, it tires you out easier. Great for stamina. But extra stages and everything are increased. Plus it makes PA even harder. A good add on to the game because it makes it much more chalenging.

Anyway, thats enough for now. Btw, the extreme unlock does work.

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10:31am 06/07/2004
mood: curious
In the Long Island, New York area.

My friend called me up and told me that DDR was on the news. He said something about 'being healthy for kids', but that's all I really got out of him. Did anyone see the broadcast?

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figure this one out. 
10:40am 04/07/2004

x-post from my own journal

Recently, i did this:

inadmissable Soul6 Double scoreCollapse )

no photoshopping or other editting. That's really the score i got.

it was cooooool.


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another Stepmania q u e s t i o n. . 
04:40pm 20/06/2004
mood: awake
You guys are uber helpful, I've got Stepmania, and I'm slowly figuring out where the files go.

And that's where my problems lay, file placement..

These files {Butterfly.dwi ,Butterfly.lrc , Butterfly.mp3}
go c:\program files\stepmania cvs\songs

But where do these {Butterfly.png , Butterfly-bg.png} go?

thanks a lot..


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una pregunta.. 
02:42pm 18/06/2004
mood: hopeful
Mmkay, I've got a question for all you DDR afficionados out there.

My school recently, well, not recently, how about in March. Well, time is besides the point, but anyway, my school had a DDR tourney and they played DDR off this kid's computer. He had all the songs from pretty much every mix and all that fun stuff. Does anyone know where I can possibly find that DDR for my laptop? Do you guys know what I mean? I'm trying to think of a way to explain it, but words fail me.


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